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     “It seems like we’re just a day or two away from a winter-winter island,” Nami said, taking down the hood of her raincoat. From where he’d been rocking in his hammock, Luffy jumped down to the floor of the men’s sleeping quarters.
     “Then why is it raining instead of snowing?” he demanded. “That doesn’t make any sense!”
     “There isn’t much in the Grand Line that does,” Robin pointed out.
     The seven crew members of the Going Merry had gathered in the men’s sleeping quarters for a quick discussion about their next destination. According to Sanji, they were low on food supplies, and according to Zoro, they were almost out of rum. While they were, for once, good on gold, Chopper had also voiced a concern about their lack of a surplus of bandages, especially considering they were on the Grand Line and their captain was incapable of keeping himself out of trouble. In the end, they had just decided that they should dock at the next island when a crack of lightning lit the windows, and a roar of thunder left their ears ringing.
     Nami had dashed upstairs to check the ship and their surroundings, but nothing seemed amiss, other than the impenetrable cold and the lukewarm rain.
     “In any case, though I can’t explain it just yet, the rain and our proximity to a winter-winter island have created an incredibly dense fog all around the area,” Nami told the rest of the crew. As she hung her raincoat beside Usopp’s on the line of hooks by the door, she added, “I’m afraid we’ll need someone to keep watch overnight.”
     Usopp, who had been reading adventuring manga in his hammock, shot up immediately. His manga fell into his lap as his hand flew to the ceiling.
     “The Brave Captain Usopp offers his service as ace sniper and flawless night watchman!” he said. He snapped his goggles down over his eyes and grinned. “With my amazing X-Ray Goggles and my natural talents, the fog won’t bother me a bit! Why, once there was fog so heavy in my village that all the villagers stayed in their houses for weeks, and only the Great Captain Usopp dared—”
     “I’m afraid we’ll need someone strong,” Nami interrupted, “to keep watch overnight.”
     Usopp pushed his goggles back atop his head.
     “Oh well then, never mind,” he said, and he buried his long nose in his manga once more.
     From the hammock hanging just below his, Chopper reached up to poke the other pirate’s back with his hoof.
     “Usopp, Usopp!” he said. “I want to hear the rest of the story!”
     Usopp immediately threw himself down to the ground beside Chopper’s hammock, striking a pose and launching into a story about monsters that never were and mayhem that never happened.
     Ignoring the two in the back of the room, the rest of the crew members looked around at each other. Finally, Robin rose from where she’d been reading by the window.
     “I’ll keep watch,” she said. “Just give me some way to stay dry.”
     Nami, remembering that Robin had eaten the Hana Hana Fruit and wouldn’t be able to use her powers in a downpour like this, offered up her raincoat.
     “You can wear this. There’s a little alcove in front of the orange trees where you can have a ceiling above you, but it’s also pretty cold out there. Let me show you where we keep the extra blankets.”
     Turning to say goodnight to the rest of the crew, Nami shut the door behind them. After a moment, their voices disappeared down the hallway.
     Sanji rose with a sigh.
     “Well, now that all the excitement’s gone from the room, I guess I’ll be going to bed.”
     Luffy, unbuttoning his vest, pouted at his crewmate’s decision. Sanji couldn’t stand when his captain made faces like that, not because it pained him in any way to see a grown man pout, but because Luffy’s rubber powers made his pouts so much broader.
     “Are you saying that Robin’s more exciting than I am?” the rubber man asked.
     Sanji crossed the room to the closets standing at the far end. Usopp had made them as a gesture of thanks shortly after becoming a crew member.
     “Luffy, don’t take it the wrong way,” he said. “I just prefer the company of beautiful women.”
     Luffy followed the other man to the closets and opened the one he shared with Chopper. The two of them had the least clothing to their names—Chopper had only hats, and Luffy had only vests and jean shorts. Taking down a hanger, Luffy hung his vest up next to a row of the same, all of them identical shades of red. Here and there were sleeveless tops, and even a hooded sweater, but Sanji suspected none of them had seen nearly as much wear.
     The cook himself had a standing closet to himself. Dress shirts, jackets, ties, slacks, and polished shoes filled it to bursting. Opening it up, he slid off his shoes, just as Luffy slid off his sandals. Luffy, ready for bed even before Sanji had snaked off his tie, headed for the last closet in the row of them and took down a blanket from the top shelf.
     The captain, who slept in his jeans and nothing else, wrapped the blanket around his shoulders with a shiver.
     “Boy, I guess we are close to a winter-winter island. It feels like it could start snowing in here.”
     “Impossible,” Chopper announced from where he was climbing back into his hammock. “And scary to think about!” He had already taken a blanket from the closet and had been sitting up reading medical texts. Now that it seemed as though everyone was ready to go to sleep, he bookmarked his page and set the text on the stool beside his bed.
     Usopp gave a dramatic yawn and slid his overall straps off his shoulders. The marksman slept in long underwear and a t-shirt, which he hurried to his closet to retrieve. Since he had also already fetched his blanket, under which he’d been reading manga for the better part of the night, he didn’t have to stop to grab one on his way back to bed.
     Sanji carefully folded the shirt he’d been wearing that day and set it atop a stack of other shirts that needed a washing in the corner of his closet. As he undid his belt, he watched as one by one, his crewmates hunkered down in the cold of the room. Chopper, impossibly quick to fall asleep, was already snoring, his antlers sticking up from his pillow. Usopp had a strange habit of sleeping with his head under his pillow, which meant he invariably awoke with hammock patterns on his face. At the moment, he was lying face-down, and so four inches of his nose stuck out through the ropes. Luffy, who slept close to the ceiling with no one beneath him, had limbs dangling over the edges of his bed, bare in the dim candlelight of the room.
     After changing into boxer-briefs and a white tee, Sanji shut his closet doors quietly and padded barefoot over to the candle by which Robin had been reading. He glanced over at the last man in the room, Roronoa Zoro, who was still sitting up in his hammock. His legs were folded atop his blanket, and his hands were hanging limp between his knees. Zoro’s eyes were shut, but he sat up straight, and so Sanji knew he couldn’t be asleep yet.
     “Hey, Zoro,” Sanji said.
     The swordsman opened one eye.
     “What is it?”
     “Can I blow this out? Or are you using it for your… whatever you’re doing?”
     Zoro arched an eyebrow at the other man, clearly irritated.
     “I’m meditating,” he said. “And no, I’m not using it.”
     Sanji leaned over and blew out the candle. Then he headed back to his hammock only to remember that he’d yet to snag a blanket. Silently reprimanding himself, he made his way back to the closet using only the light coming in through their windows. Upon searching the shelves, however, he found each of them to be bare.
     “Damn it,” he muttered. “Oi, Marimo.”
     Zoro heard the other’s insulting nickname and opened his eyes once more.
     “What the hell is it? You want me to throw you overboard?”
     “Where’s my blanket?”
     “How the hell would I know that?” Zoro asked. “Leave me alone, I need to concentrate.”
     Sanji shut the cabinet door and approached each of his crewmate’s beds. After fingering their blankets one by one, he confirmed that no one had snuck an extra. Zoro had shoved the butt of his sword under Sanji’s nose when he’d come over to his hammock, but the chef didn’t care. At the moment, he was more concerned with where his blanket had gone.
     “Just go get the extra from the hall closet,” Zoro hissed. “And go the hell to bed before you wake everyone up.”
     Sanji huffed, but followed the other’s suggestion. They always kept spare blankets in the hall, for especially cold nights like this one. But when he checked the shelves that stood between the women’s quarters and the men’s, he discovered that even these blankets were gone.
     The cook covered his face with one hand. Let’s see. The last time they’d been on a winter-winter island was also the last time any of them had needed to use an extra blanket. That island had been Drum Island, where they’d picked up Chopper.
     Chopper was their sixth crew member, and he had wanted an extra blanket for the night, even though he had fur and the rest of them didn’t. Nami had also used an extra blanket, at Sanji’s request.
     But this time, even though Nami might be using the extra, Chopper wasn’t.
     But they were also up a crew member—Robin. She had her blanket, and—
     Sanji’s eyes widened as he realized where they’d fallen short. Nami and Robin both had extras, but since they were seven instead of six now, that meant they only had enough blankets for one person to use an extra.
     By that math, Sanji reasoned, Chopper had ‘his’ blanket, though their blankets were really communal, and the girls were using the extras. So by that math, Sanji would have to sleep half naked in subzero temperatures.
     Not terribly pleased by the idea, the cook trudged back to his hammock, shutting the door behind him on his way back into their sleeping quarters. Dropping onto the cold ropes, he let out a long sigh. He could sleep in his jacket… but that would probably be so uncomfortable that he wouldn’t get to sleep at all. Well, he could take that sweater that Luffy had in his closet… but then again, Luffy was so thin and so short that it probably wouldn’t even fit the chef. Sanji sighed again. Maybe he could just go up to the top deck and keep watch with Robin—she might even let him share her blanket!
     Then Sanji remembered that Luffy had banned him from night watch. Since he was the chef, he needed to “sleep all night and cook all day,” according to the captain. He was in the middle of sighing a third time when Zoro grunted,
     “Shut up.”
     Sanji shot up in bed.
     “What’d you say?!”
     “You heard me,” Zoro said flatly. “And keep your voice down. I don’t want to get sleep-punched by Luffy again.”
     Sanji scowled in the dark, about to lie down and turn his back to the swordsman when an idea occurred to him. Hopping out of his hammock, he walked straight over to Zoro’s, gave the man just enough of a push to move him sideways, and slid quickly under the other’s blanket.
     Zoro, so stunned that he didn’t even grab at his swords to get back at the chef for pushing him, did and said nothing for a long moment. When he realized that the chef meant to sleep there, he immediately leapt into action. He grabbed for the blanket, but Sanji caught it before he could tear it off him.
     “Let go!” snapped Zoro. “This is mine! Go sleep in your own damn bed!”
     “I don’t have a blanket! I’ll freeze!”
     “That’s your own fault!” Zoro insisted. “If you hadn’t waited until the last possible second to get a blanket, you’d already have one!”
     “But then Nami-san wouldn’t have an extra, and Robin-chan would get cold keeping watch! How could I do that to a lady? You’re a demon, Roronoa Zoro!”
     No matter how hard he tried, Zoro couldn’t free the blanket from the chef’s hands, and so instead he tried kicking the man out of his bed. With Sanji’s first kick to the shins in return, he remembered why kicking a master of Red Leg martial arts was never a good idea.
     “If you can’t stand sharing with me so much, then why don’t you go sleep in the cold?” Sanji demanded at last, tiring of the struggle. Zoro hesitated at that. With his upper body exposed to the cold air, and his legs warm and covered, the offer wasn’t a tempting one. Finally, without a word, he consented to letting the chef stay. Just as a final show of resistance, however, he pulled the blanket up over his shoulders and then rolled over, putting his back to Sanji and attempting to take most of the blanket for himself.
     His plan, he found out immediately, backfired. The chef, instead of losing his grip, was himself merely pulled against the other man’s back. Sanji’s half-bare body, still cold to the touch, colliding with Zoro’s made the swordsman jumped, and he whirled back around in his hammock.
     “W-What the hell are you doing?!” he demanded.
     “Tch, and you call me perverted,” Sanji said. Unhesitatingly, he pulled himself up to Zoro’s chest and tucked the blankets around them tightly. “Just shut up and go to sleep.”
     Zoro, about to protest, suddenly realized that he was warm. It wasn’t just the blanket pulled across his back, and it wasn’t just the pillow under his head. It wasn’t just the blanket pinned beneath their feet, but the extra body in that blanket. And it wasn’t just Sanji’s body heat that was warming Zoro up, but Sanji’s warm, moist breath on his chest, as well.
     “Don’t be a lump,” Zoro heard the chef murmur. He felt Sanji elbow his arm, where it lay completely still between them.
     Sanji sighed, grabbing Zoro’s arm and hefting it around his body.
     “Like this,” he said, and Zoro tried to pull back just a bit, just enough so that Sanji wouldn’t hear the beating, the racing, of his heart. Sanji merely pulled him closer, until his forehead, strewn with blond hair, pressed against the other’s bare chest. With a shiver, Zoro forced himself to consider the positives of sleeping with his arms wrapped tightly around this man. For one, though they were rivals, if he held Sanji, Sanji would be warmer. But more importantly, Zoro thought hurriedly, if he had his arms around Sanji, that meant he wasn’t trying to keep his limbs to himself in an already cramped space, and he could sleep more comfortably.
     Sanji, however, felt Zoro shiver.
     “Cold?” he asked, and slid his hands up between them, rubbing his palms against Zoro’s chest to warm him.
     “Sanji…” Zoro breathed.
     Sanji’s murmur was quiet, and Zoro could tell that the chef was tired. He pulled him just a bit closer, so that he could feel the beating of Sanji’s heart.
     “Goodnight,” he whispered.
     “‘Night,” Sanji said.
     Before falling to sleep, Zoro made a mental note to throw one of the ship’s blankets into the sea come tomorrow morning.
Another One Piece fanfic, this one Zoro + Sanji.

This fic is slightly spoilerific, if only because there are seven crew members in it. Otherwise, no spoilers at all :3.

As a note, for those reading/watching English versions of the manga or anime, "Marimo" is like sea moss, and Sanji calls Zoro "Marimo" because that's what he thinks of when he looks at Zoro's hair.

Don't leave me any spoilerific comments, because I'm only on chapter 323 :heart:.

Enjoy, please :D!

~Blacksky :star:
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MysticalFiregirl Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Uuuh.. Yeah... This is too much cuteness for me. I have to :+fav: this right now, dear.
animerulez12460 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
that was really cute!!!! i liked the last part the most
MasterGDMFTobi Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010  Student Digital Artist

Aww, I haven't gotten to the point where Robin joins their crew yet, but when I do, I know I'll ask "Where's the kawaii hammock sharing?"
Saegigmon Featured By Owner May 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Saegigmon Featured By Owner May 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol, poor planket!
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gah love the story ^^ <3
TheTowerSentry Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
What are winter-winter islands? And are Luffy and Usopp both captains?

Awww, Zoro's so cool~ :D Hahaha, I like how he's going to get rid of one of the extra blankets, har har!
Dragon-Grrrl Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
On the Grandline, there are four types of islands: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. All islands, no matter what type they are, still experience all four seasons. Therefore, a winter-winter island is merely a winter island during the winter season.

No, only Luffy is the captain of the Strawhat pirates. Usopp just likes to pretend he is because he used to the captain when playing pirates with his friend back in his hometown. Luffy has no problem with this because he's just awesome like that. :3

Me too. :heart:
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